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A Belt Spanking is a dreadful punishment where the victim's bare hindquarters are exposed, and a belt typically used to hold and tighten pants is put to use against said victim's hindquarters. Sometimes, belts may come with diamond studs and gold plating for extra damage.


Before the ages of man, Belt Spankings were the weapon of choice for the Gods, Titans, and even the Dinosaurs. They are the most fierce of punishments, and can bring even the strongest warriors to tears. Belt Spankings have always been consequence of many horrific behaviors, particularly interrupting a D&D game or not speaking in skype chats. An old, but popular punishment for staying up past your bedtime, or for flushing a box of perfectly good Honey Smacks down the toilet.

In the early AM of February 24, 2013, SethJH and Perrydotto agreed to a merger, joining both of their Belt-Spanking corporations into one massive, all powerful Belt Spanking Monopoly. This was due to the fact that Supermunchor's girlfriend was arguing with him, causing a very RUDE interruption to the Dacsenia D&D game they were in the middle of. She subsequently recieved a triple-spank with a diamond studded belt, and two others that were purchased at a Big & Tall men's clothing store.

Belt Spanking MonopolyEdit

The Belt-Spanking monopoly was established on February 24, 2013, when the CEO of the Ohio-based Belt Spankers Unlimited and the CEO of German GürtelPrügelKorp decided upon a merger, bringing the two companies together. This mega-corporation began doling out belt spankings immediately, covering the defecit in both South Africa and Malaysia. The merger corporation soon became known as simply Belt Spankers.

Belt Spankers owes its success on the recent accomplishments of its Spanking Think Tanks (otherwise known as Think Spanks). Unfortunately, Co-owner SethJH had a falling out with business partner Perrydotto, after she refused to say anything in the Quad Bubble chat on 4:32am of March 5th, 2013. He issed a warrant for her spanking, and the results of the case are still pending. No report on how this will affect Belt Spankers.

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